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This biomarker is also known as:
  • ferritin repressor protein,
  • citrate hydro-lyase,
  • Citrate hydro-lyase,
  • iron-responsive element binding protein 1,
  • IRE-BP 1,
  • aconitate hydratase,
  • Ferritin repressor protein,
  • Iron-responsive element-binding protein 1,
  • ACO1,
  • Iron regulatory protein 1,
  • IREBP,
  • cytoplasmic aconitate hydratase,
  • iron regulatory protein 1,
  • aconitase 1, soluble,
  • iron-responsive element-binding protein 1,
  • IREB1,
  • EC,
  • ACONS,
  • IRP1,
  • Aconitase,
  • IREBP1,


aconitase 1, soluble


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QA State: Curated
Type: Gene

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Phase: One
QA State: Under Review


No additional prostate data available.

Performance Comment

This gene is part of a 114-gene set that comprises a stroma-specific classifier for nearby prostate tumors. Gene expression changes in stroma have been identified that can detect tumor nearby. This classifier predicted the tumor status of patients using tumor-free samples with an average accuracy of 97% (sensitivity = 98% and specificity = 88%) whereas classifiers trained with sets of 100 randomly generated genes had no diagnostic value. These results indicate that the prostate cancer microenvironment exhibits reproducible changes useful for categorizing the presence of tumor in patients when a prostate sample is derived from near the tumor but does not contain any recognizable tumor. (PMID:21459804)

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