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Liver Rapid Reference Set Application ( #2): Lubman - Univ of Michigan (2010)

We are requesting the reference set, which includes 50 HCC cases and 50 cirrhotic controls. In our preliminary study, AFP had a AUROC of 0.66 while the AUROC for the 5 glycoproteins was 0.81. The sensitivity and specificity for the 5 glycoproteins was 79% and 72% at the point that maximizes sensitivity+specificity in the ROC curve, and it was 79% and 35%, respectively, for AFP at the same point in the ROC curve. The reference set will allow us to determine the best performance of the 5 glycoproteins by themselves or whether their combination has a better sensitivity and/or specificity and AUROC. While a direct comparison with AFP will be made, the reference set will not allow a robust comparison due to the low sample size. If the glycoproteins are complementary or have better performance than AFP, then the next step would be to test them in the entire phase 2 hepatocellular carcinoma set.

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