Early Detection Research Network


ANO1 is located within the 11q13 amplicon, one of the most frequently amplified chromosomal regions in human cancer. ANO1 is amplified and highly expressed in breast cancer cell lines and primary tumors.
Under Review
ANO1 was one of numerous potential early detection biomarkers specific to triple-negative breast cancer in multiple pathways identified.
Triple Negative Breast Cancer Team Project

Triple negative breast cancers (TNBC), comprise 15-20% of breast cancers, and are associated with later stage at diagnosis, increased mortality, and occur more frequently in younger women where mammographic screening is less reliable. TNBCs are more likely to be diagnosed by physical exam than by mammographic screening. There is an unmet clinical need for biomarkers for the early detection of TNBC. Here, we are proposing the development of a plasma-based biomarker panel for the routine screening of women over the age of 40 for TNBC that can be used to identify women for further imaging.