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Liver Full Reference Set Application: David Lubman - Univ of Michigan (2011)

In this work we will perform the next step in the biomarker development and validation. This step will be the Phase 2 validation of glycoproteins that have passed Phase 1 blinded validation using ELISA kits based on target glycoproteins selected based on our previous work. This will be done in a large Phase 2 sample set obtained in a multicenter study funded by the EDRN. The assays will be performed in our research lab located in the Center for Cancer Proteomics in the University of Michigan Medical Center. This study will include patients in whom serum was stored for future validation and includes samples from early HCC (n = 158), advanced cases (n=214) and cirrhotic controls (n = 417). These samples will be supplied by the EDRN (per Dr. Jo Ann Rinaudo) and will be analyzed in a blinded fashion by Dr. Feng from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center. This phase 2 study was designed to have above 90% power at one-sided 5% type-I error for comparing the joint sensitivity and specificity for differentiating early stage HCC from cirrhotic patients between AFP and a new marker. Sample sizes of 200 for early stage HCC and 400 for cirrhotics were required to achieve the stated power (14). We will select our candidates for this larger phase validation set based on the results of previous work. These will include HGF and CD14 and the results of these assays will be used to evaluate the performance of each of these markers and combinations of HGF and CD14 and AFP and HGF. It is expected that each assay will be repeated three times for each marker and will also be performed for AFP as the standard for comparison. 250 uL of each sample is requested for analysis.