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This biomarker is also known as:
  • ovasin,
  • PRSS19,
  • Tumor-associated differentially expressed gene 14 protein,
  • NP,
  • Serine protease TADG-14,
  • NRPN,
  • hK8,
  • Serine protease 19,
  • TADG14,
  • kallikrein-related peptidase 8,
  • Ovasin,
  • HNP,
  • KLK8,
  • neuropsin,
  • kallikrein 8 (neuropsin/ovasin),
  • Neuropsin,


KLK8, a member of the kallikrein subgroup of serine proteases, is capable of degrading a number of proteins such as casein, fibrinogen, kininogen, fibronectin and collagen type IV. Kallikreins have been implicated in carcinogenesis, and some have potential as novel cancer and other disease biomarkers. KLK8 is one of fifteen kallikrein subfamily members located in a cluster on chromosome 19. The four isoforms of KLK8 are a result of alternate splicing of the gene. The isoforms exhibit distinct patterns of expression that suggest roles in brain plasticity and ovarian cancer.


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QA State: Curated
Type: Protein

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Phase: Three
QA State: Curated


KLK8 alone was not shown to be a strong predictor of ovarian cancer.

Performance Comment

Despite many promising new markers for ovarian cancer, CA125 remains the single best biomarker in the phase II and phase III specimens tested in this study.

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