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Massion 4-marker FISH panel for lung cancer

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  • Massion 4-marker FISH panel for lung cancer,


The combination of these 4 probes, TP63, MYC, CEP3, and CEP6, offered a sensitivity of 82% for lung cancer and a specificity of 58%. These results indicate that specific cytogenetic alterations present in preinvasive lung lesions are closely associated with the diagnosis of lung cancer and may therefore have value in assessing lung cancer risk.


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In this study, we found that the high frequency of non-coding centromeric alterations (CEP3 and CEP 6) was independently associated with a diagnosis of lung cancer (Table 2), and therefore although not specifically linked to tumorigenesis, it is probably part of the genomic instability coming along with the disease process.

Performance Comment

The odds of having lung cancer given that a preinvasive lesion had gain for genomic regions increased from 4.23 (1.21–14.8, 95%CI) when 1 or 2 markers of 4 (CEP3, TTP63, CEP6, MYC) were abnormal to 11 (2.63–45.9, 95%CI) when 3 or 4 markers showed elevated copy numbers.

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