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MiPS (Mi Prostate Score Urine test)

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  • MiPS (Mi Prostate Score Urine test),


The MiPS assay is a multiplex analysis of T2-ERG gene fusion, PCA3, and serum PSA (KLK3). It is commercially available through the University of Michigan MLabs. The MiPS assay tests for the presence of two prostate cancer biomarkers: a piece of RNA made from the PCA3 gene, found to be overactive in 95 percent of all prostate cancers, and another RNA marker that is found only when TMPRSS2 and ERG abnormally fuse. TMPRSS2:ERG, or T2-ERG, is a strong indicator of prostate cancer.


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MiPS is intended to be used on men who have already undergone PSA screening. The MiPS test is not meant to be used alone as a prostate cancer screening tool.

Performance Comment

The MiPS test was developed to address limitations in the PSA test. The PSA test has been the standard of care for many years, but it has been found to have a high rate of false positives, subjecting patients to needless biopsy procedures. The MiPS assay combines blood PSA levels with measurement of two other markers that are specific for prostate cancer. The two markers, PCA3 and the gene fusion TMPRSS2:ERG, or T2-ERG, are rarely found in the urine of men without prostate cancer.

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