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This biomarker is also known as:
  • EC,
  • CRA36.1 (3-Methyl-Adenine DNA Glycosylase),
  • AAG,
  • CRA36.1,
  • 3-Methyladenine DNA Glycosidase,
  • PIG11,
  • Proliferation-Inducing Protein 11,
  • APNG,
  • N-Methylpurine-DNA Glycosylase, MPG,
  • MDG,
  • anpg,
  • Mid1,
  • PIG16,
  • N-methylpurine DNA glycosylase,
  • 3' End Of The Mid1 Gene, Localized 68 Kb Upstream The Humanzeta Globin Gene On 16p,
  • 3-Alkyladenine DNA Glycosylase,
  • ANPG,
  • ADPG,
  • MID1,
  • MPG,
  • Alkyladenine DNA Glycosylase,
  • Proliferation-Inducing Protein 16,
  • DNA-3-Methyladenine Glycosylase,


MPG is a DNA repair enzyme that repairs hypoxanthine, which is formed by spontaneous or oxidative deamination of adenine. MPG also repairs secondary oxidative lesions such as 1,N6-ethenoadenine alkylated bases, and 3-methyladenine and 7-methylguanine.


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QA State: Curated
Type: Protein

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Phase: Two
QA State: Curated


MPG enzyme activity in peripheral blood mononuclear cells from case patients was higher than in control subjects, which is opposite that of OGG levels in PBMCs. A combined MPG and OGG1 activities score was more strongly associated with lung cancer risk than either activity alone. MPG and OGG1 are being assessed as future members of a panel of biomarkers for lung cancer risk.

Performance Comment

MPG has undergone Phase 2 validation. Work is in progress for Phase 3 validation.

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