Early Detection Research Network

NYU Lung Cancer Biomarker Center

A. SPECIFIC AIMS 1. To develop and prospectively follow a large cohort at high-risk for lung cancer. Individuals are recruited to one of two different study groups: The Screening Cohort includes people with and without increased risk for lung cancer. The Rule-Out Lung Cancer Patient Group is recruited from patients referred for evaluation of suspicious nodules. All individuals answer a questionnaire, obtain PFTs, chest CT scan, sputum induction and phlebotomy. For patients undergoing lung resections or biopsies, tissue samples are collected and banked. Individuals are recruited for research bronchoscopy. All participants are then followed prospectively. The specimens obtained are banked and used for biomarker discovery and validation studies. 2. To identify and validate biomarkers for the early detection of lung cancer, and to describe preneoplastic cellular changes and lesions. Biomarker studies include DNA adducts, DNA methylation, protein markers, and other collaborations. Preneoplasia studies include: fluorescence and Superdimension bronchoscopies to obtain biopsies of preneoplastic lesions and biomarker studies in individuals with preneoplasias.

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