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Validation of Molecular Biomarkers for the Early Detection of Lung Cancer in the setting of Indeterminate Pulmonary Nodules (Lung Team Project #2)

Lenburg, MarcBoston University
Feng, ZidingFred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
1) a multi-gene mRNA biomarker measured in cytologically normal large airway epithelial cells identified using genome-wide gene-expression profiling, 2) proteomic profiles measured in bronchial airway epithelial cells, 3) serum glycan antibody signature, 4) hypermethylated sites found in promoter regions of tumor suppressor genes measured in blood, 5) cytokines and growth factors secreted from the tumor microenvironment measured in peripheral blood, and 6) two distinct circulating miRNA signatures measured in the serum and plasma
No design specified.
Lung and Upper Aerodigestive Cancers Research Group

To characterize intra or within subject reproducibility and variability To characterize inter or across subject variability by adenoma phenotype (normal vs. adenoma) To evaluate biomarker expression in relation to long term adenoma recurrence

3.1.1   Aim 1 Establish a cohort (n=200) of current and former smokers with indeterminate pulmonary nodules (7mm-25mm) on whom clinical, radiographic and biospecimen repositories are developed and who are followed prospectively until final diagnosis. 3.1.2   Aim 2 Validate the diagnostic accuracy of existing molecular biomarkers in the airway and blood to detect lung cancer in this clinical cohort.
Airway gene-expression biomarker (BU) Airway protein biomarker (VU): LC-MRM-MS analyses Serum glycan biomarker (NYU): Plasma promoter methylation biomarker (JHU): Serum cytokines biomarker (UCLA): Serum/Plasma miRNA biomarker (OSU): Plasma miRNA biomarker (UMD):

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